Isn’t it time you created a life you seriously can’t get enough of?

The compact program that will empower you to connect with yourself on a deeper level and live a life that’s conducive to who you are, not who you’re expected to be. 


Psst: you can leave all your expectations at the door—there’s no room for them here.

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We’re getting right to it, so tell me if this about sums it up:

You know you want to prioritize your own needs, but (to put it bluntly) you don’t.

You make excuses that you’re “too busy” and decide you’ll ‘deal’ with them later. You’re not nurturing your values and what’s important to you, and before you know it, you’re in a routine that significantly reduces any time for self-care.

You begin to feel negatively about your day-to-day life, but you can’t quite put your finger on why. You do know that your old hobbies have fallen to the wayside and your passions feel foreign to you. You know you deserve to prioritize yourself and that you deserve nice things, but you just caught yourself in a routine that serves others more than it serves you—it’s frustrating to say the least.

It’s caused you to stop exploring and learning about yourself and become somewhat of a “production robot” on auto-pilot doing the everyday duties and tasks without thinking about your own desires. It all stems from this set image of what “success” looks like and quite frankly, there’s no way that can be the same for everyone—I’m not buying it.

real talk:

You’ve done the “right” things and yet, everything feels off.  What gives?

You hold the degree, you’ve got a nice job, you’re independent, and you’re a go-getter—on paper, you have it all… so why doesn’t it feel like it’s enough?

In the eyes of others, it should be everything, so you start feeling resentful toward yourself because to you it simply feels unfulling.

You bite your tongue, you keep engaging in things you don’t really care about, like “moving up” the corporate ladder because “status and ranking” are measures of success, and that should fill you up, right?

I can tell you right now, this ain’t it.

You’re feeling this disconnect with yourself because you’re not being honest. You’re staying in situations and spaces that leave you feeling small because you’re not being intentional, and ultimately being judgemental of yourself.

You put a lot of pressure on yourself to show up in this “big” way because it’s what society expects of you, but what if—and I know this might sound crazy—you just said “screw it” and did things your own way?

I’m talking about deciding that you no longer want to live in complacency anymore.

Instead, you wave the white flag and say, “I’m going to stay connected and honest with myself about what I want, despite what others think.”

What if you decided to leave those situations and spaces that were factors to you playing small because you no longer have time for that? What if you decided to start living with an understanding of your whys and why nots?

Deciding is how you change your life. It’s how you accept yourself completely and stop showing judgment towards yourself if your life doesn’t look like traditional “success.”

It’s up to you to decide what YOU want in your life and to create a life that’s conducive to who you ARE, not who you’re EXPECTED to be.

It all comes down to deciding.

The truth is, most of what we do in our daily lives isn’t what we want to be doing. 

I don’t know who decided you should have a “fancy title” if it means working a job you hate. I don’t know why there’s so much pressure to go to school for things you don’t care about. I don’t love that people get married or have children because it’s what’s expected of them.

It’s time to rewire your brain and become okay with not meeting the expectations of the world and instead, meeting your own expectations—regardless if that looks different than what’s expected.

I want you to be done with playing small and minimizing your dissatisfaction because the way you think doesn’t align with standards and expectations.

I want you to release the guilt you do feel for being in a position where you’re supposed to feel satisfied.

I don’t want you to give a damn about what others think you should be doing and instead channel your inner Moira Rose and do whatever the hell you want.

"Working with LaTasha was an amazing experience. She exudes a warm and infectious positive energy that illuminates any room and instantly puts you at ease. She is sharp, knowledgeable, and extraordinarily helpful, possessing invaluable insight."

~ SAbrina

Right now the way you’ve been doing it hasn’t gotten you anywhere you want to be:

Bound by “should” statements that have you feeling guilty for doing anything other than what society has deemed you “should” do. Bleh.

Never feeling like who you are or what you’re doing is enough when we both know you’re already doing THE MOST.

Pressure and needing to do more, be more, have more because it’s what’s been shoved in your face for so long by the media.

Difficulty finding or celebrating wins—full-circle moment back to not feeling like you’re ever doing enough or good enough, but here we change that.

Feeling like life is a never-ending to-do list, how about you become a Lady of Leisure instead? Kick those feet up and live the good life.

Lacking a deep connection to yourself because you’re always prioritizing everyone else and never yourself.

Self-sabotage because you don’t think you’re deserving of good things… but you are, you absolutely are.

I know you’ve tried to work through this on your own in the past, but it hasn’t stuck.

It has your head spinning wondering if that looming thought of, “this can’t be it” is really it—and I’m here to tell you it’s not.

Even if you’ve tried all the self-help books, changing jobs or schools or adding degrees to find your purpose, or are trying to live the same life as others who appear “happy” you don’t ever really feel satisfied.

Here’s why → you’re using the expectations and measurement of the success of others as a guide for your life.

The truth is, changing your appearance or interests based on what is deemed popular or standard isn’t going to make you happy. Neither is trying to live the same life as others because these aren’t your life choices, they’re simply being made because of someone else.

It’s time to get clear on what lights your fire and brings you joy, no matter if you’re the only person on the earth doing it.

Kick up your feet, grab a piña colada, and welcome to the good life.

it's time to meet...

An 8-week program to empower women to live as their most authentic selves and achieve renewed vitality through self-exploration, sensuality, and intentionality.

This program is designed to help women create fulfillment in their lives by understanding their mindset, connecting with their sensuality, identifying and living their values, and creating an authentic vision for their life.




  1. The power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.
  2. The peculiarity distinguishing the living from the nonliving

“Changes that will give renewed vitality to your life”

This is exactly what we’re doing here!

This program is designed to help you realize you are worth prioritizing and that doing things your way is the only acceptable way.

It’s where you fill that internal craving for more, and more means less couch time and more filling your cup with reignited or newfound activities that light you UP. 

I enjoy the way LaTasha approaches things and the logic she has because she reminds me that there is so much more than one option to a decision. She reminds me that I have choices in my life and I don’t have to feel so stuck in a box! I’m so grateful to have found her. I swear I hear her voice in my head all of the time guiding me!

~ Layla

Here’s what’s included in this program:

Live Coaching and Q&A sessions

We’ll kick off with a welcome and closing call, with 6 coaching and Q&A sessions in between (cause lets be real, we busy).

You’ll receive the education, perspective, and self-led tools to live a more authentic and intentional life.

Guest Experts

You’ll get hot takes from guest experts in the industry about the importance of making yourself a priority.

Private member-only community

Between calls, the community will be a place for you to connect with other students and share wins to hold each other accountable. 

Unlimited Voxer voice and message support 

You, me, for 8-weeks in our own Voxer chat working through all the mindset blocks so you can lean into your best life.


Each module will have supporting resources and worksheets to make sure you’re immersing yourself in the work. 

Optional UPGRADE! 

Upgrade/Add On: Add one 1:1 coaching session for just $149 on the checkout page!


Viewpoint, Vibes, Values, Vision

Understand and pivot your perspective 

We use the Vitality framework to level up your life:


Paying attention to how you feel physically and mentally


Getting a clear understanding of what your values are and why they are important.


Create the life you want with your new viewpoint, newfound vibes, and aligned values to start living your most aligned + fulfilling life.

Through LaTasha’s guidance, I have been able to change my frame of mind in situations where I have previously failed to do so on my own. She says key things like “be intentional” and that is something that I carry with me everyday and remind myself when I communicate with others and in my actions. I do my best to always “be intentional."

~ Abby

Module 0

You’re going to learn how to confidently navigate this course to make the most of it, plus learn the importance of vulnerability. This program is a safe space. We’ll kick off with a challenge and an assessment! 

Here’s a breakdown of each module:

Welcome to Vitality!

Module 1

First things first, you’re going to learn how to reduce societal and personal limiting beliefs and expectations because you no longer have time for that! You’ll explore your current mindset, identify cultural conditioning and expectations, and learn to leverage various tools to shift your mindset and expectations. 


Module 2

You’ll tap into your sensuality (and no, sensuality is not sex—we’ll also cover that) and connect your sense to your body. This is how you’ll identify what you like, don’t like, and crave more of so you can start living in alignment. 


Module 3

Before you can fully live in alignment, you need to identify your values. You’ll get clear on YOUR values, not what you think you’re “supposed” to value. Once you’re clear on those values, you’ll learn how to best nurture them and honor them to live your truth. 


Module 4

It’s time to design your life, boo! You’ll know how to develop a framework for the way you want to bring fulfillment into your life. You’ll learn how to set SMART goals, set boundaries, practice mindfulness techniques, and more to implement your intentional framework.  


Module 5

You did the damn thing! And that calls for a celebration, of course! We’ll also cover how you can further develop yourself to make sure these techniques stick for life.


You've Completed Vitality!

Live Coaching Program

3 payments of $449


Unlock access to all of this for:

Course-only option

1 payment of $497

8-week program with live support and trainings.

Live Weekly Coaching and Q&A sessions.

5 modules to deliver the course material designed by instructional designers taking all learning styles into consideration. #DreamproCertified

Resources, workbooks, and activities to support the material and guide you closer to your goals of freedom and fulfillment.

Live guest experts for a fresh and fun perspective #OnlyTheBest

Private member-only community of like-minded visionaries.

Access to Voxer voice and message support to submit questions that will be answered during Q&A.

Access to recorded calls in Kajabi.

Lifetime access to the course material.

1 payment of $1249

Live Coaching Program plus:

Add one 1:1 coaching session for just $149 on the checkout page!

Includes access to personalized Voxer support for 7 days post session

Self-paced digital course only, no live community aspect or Voxer support

5 modules to deliver the course material

Lifetime access to the course material

Resources and workbooks

Access to pre-recorded guest expert trainings

This isn’t just another program, it’s high-value content that is compact and packaged to provide you with life-lasting and REAL results.

As Drake said, “we’re here for a good time, not a long time” so it’s time to start living your best life as your authentic self. No more trying to be someone else because ain’t nobody got time for that.

This program will help you find community, lose fear in new experiences and instead embrace them, grow both personally and spiritually, and create space for yourself in this huge, busy world.

I encourage you to make time for this program, even if you have a to-do list that rolls out like a red carpet because:

Coaching will actually help you SAVE time by prioritizing values and creating a plan for efficiency through innovative ideas.

Coaching will improve your mood, allow you to create healthier relationships with others, and allow you to bring your best to those areas because you’ll be feeling less on edge.

You’ll feel more balanced and able to conquer obstacles when you clean up the million mental tabs you have open and instead find peace and energy.

im ready for it!

Sounds good, right?

"Working with LaTasha has made a significant difference in my life and equipped me to face challenges and obstacles with grace and awareness. I believe that anyone who works with her would greatly benefit from her coaching and mentorship."

The Ted Lasso of Mindset Coaching, helping you change the narrative of your inner voice to live a high-quality, fulfilling life.

I’m talking, “I do my hair toss, check my nails, baby how you feelin'? Feeling good as hell”💅

As a mental health therapist, I spent the last decade helping people explore their past but my absolute favorite part was moving into the future to help clients see all the possibilities of where they could go now—that’s why I created this program.

While I am a licensed therapist, this isn’t therapy (and it’s also not your mama’s coaching)! I view therapy as to both heal and repair, whereas mindset coaching is to create a playbook to optimize your performance of a skillset—and everyone needs coaching. Even the most talented and skilled folks benefit from coaching in areas that are important to them. It’s not about lacking skill, it’s about continuous improvement and support.

I know you’ve already got what it takes, I’m just here to help you unleash it.

My goal as a coach is to help walk beside you as your professional hype woman reminding you that perception is power and we have the ability to change at any time.

i'm ready latasha!

Ready to do this with me?

This program is for you if you:

Are exhausted from expectations and want to define your own measurements of success.

Want to experience a deeper connection and understanding of yourself.

Are in the “what am I doing with my life” phase and want to work past it to find real purpose.

Have been living on autopilot (maybe you haven’t even realized it) and are ready to shake up your daily routine.

Are ready to get support moving through your transformation.

I’m busy, I’m worried I don’t have time for this.

Oh girllll, I hear you!! It’s why I designed the program over a manageable timeframe. I’m not here to waste your time that I already know feels limited, I want this for you because I want to see you succeed, and that’s how I designed it. 

Questions on questions?

Would you be considered my therapist?

No, ma’am! While I am a Licensed Therapist, the information presented in any course, resource, or program via this site is not legal, financial, therapeutic, mental health, or medical advice and Liberated Vision is not a law firm.

Where and when will the calls be held?

Calls will be held via Zoom on Wednesdays at 7:00pm EST. It is very important to prioritize this time for yourself, however, calls will be recorded and uploaded to Kajabi within 48 hours if you have to miss one of your cohort meetings. 

Let’s address your q’s boo

When do we start?

Enrollment will begin in June 2022.
The first session of Vitality: The LIVE Experience, an 8-week program, is July 13.

Do I have to live in the US for support?

Not at all! We worldwide, baby! 

Is Liberated Vision only for women?

Anyone desiring transformation is welcome. C’mon, boo!

Do you give refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the program, refunds are not offered, but we will do everything possible to rectify any dissatisfaction! 

"LaTasha held my hand through processing some pretty difficult things. She is authentic, empathetic, and a no nonsense kind of person. I have cried to her and I have laughed with her. She is the realest coach I have ever worked with and no one else can compare."

Vitality was created to help you live your truth, not do what’s liked.

And real talk, that can feel scary AF which is why I created this container to help you move through the uncomfortable feelings that will come up over the next 8 weeks.

The holistic approach we take will help you through mindset shifts that will improve in multiple areas of your life. This program is high-value content that is compact and packaged up to provide life-lasting and real results!

This is where you unlearn the BS that has kept you in a box and uncomfortable for years.

Imagine how liberating it will feel when you start living an intentional life that nurtures your values.

Picture yourself in 2-months from now—feeling empowered and reenergized, celebrating yourself left and right, and feeling more connected than ever to yourself, your people, and your purpose.

You’ll stop stressing about the things you can’t control, you’ll feel whole, you’ll realize “no” is a complete sentence, and boundaries are your new ride or die BFF.

And your skin will prob be glowing because of all that self-care time you’ve carved out.

It all starts with choosing a healthy way of thinking, creating good vibes, identifying your values, and outlining a vision that allows for authentic living and a more fulfilled life.

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Ready for this life?  Of course, you are!