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Fashion is a business that has been historically exclusive – it’s not just about the clothes. But, with digital innovation and demand for inclusion, fashion is transforming.

Plus size models and designers are gradually entering the mainstream fashion scene, which is redefining what plus size fashion can mean. The inclusivity of this movement means that all body types can participate in this new form of fashion.

It’s easy to see how Instagram has played a huge part in boosting the popularity of plus size fashion among women who are not traditionally considered fashionable from a size-related perspective. 

Surrounding myself with fashionable women whose bodies, shapes, and figures resembled my own was instrumental in becoming more comfortable with fashion. It was imperative to provide myself with fashion forward examples of what was possible, especially for a visual learner such as myself. Intentionally following plus size fashion bloggers kept me in the loop of top tier designers and finding creative ways to wear clothing. Most importantly, it allowed me to see myself and actually imagine the bomb ass options available!  Here is a list of my top bloggers on Instagram!

Frankie Tavares

Frankie serves as an art director, creative, entrepreneur, and model. I was instantly drawn to her fiery personality and the clear value she had in her presentation. Not to mention her love of her family and incredibly cute pup Frank. Frankie isn’t a head turner, she’s a neck breaker!  She exudes how to feel at any size and if there’s one thing Frankie will do, she gon’ show some leg! Frankie is also the owner of Frankie’s Tees and has had multiple collections with Fashion-to-Figure.

Follow Frankie on Instagram here.

Ashley Morgan

I found Ashley’s profile in 2021 and was instantly obsessed with her attention to budget friendly fashion! Ashley has described her style as stylish, comfortable, and effortless (right up my alley)! She is go-to for looking relaxed, yet like a million bucks at the same time.

Follow Ashley on Instagram here.

Anabeth Fuller

Anabeth is all about living BOLD and colorfully. Anabeth believes visuals allow you to tell stories quicker than words can and loves to make an impression using color. She notes, “ I think it immediately evokes an emotion, and usually it’s happiness and confidence when it comes to clothing!.” Anabeth is also a graphic designer by trade who has designed a funky cool collection with Wall Snobs!

Follow Anabeth on Instagram here.

Shainna Tucker

Shainna is an OG to the game! At 6’0” tall, Shainna is a great example of commanding attention with confidence. She preaches an openness to try new things and highlights the importance of vulnerability. Shainna takes you along for the ride throughout many personal journeys through blogging or her Youtube channel.

Follow Shainna on Instagram here.

Gabi Fresh

Gabi began blogging in 2008 and coined herself “The OG Fat Girl.” I first came across Gabi in a magazine years ago and she had to be on my vision board! I loved her style and how fun and free the stylish blogger made the ad feel! Gabi regularly designs her own swimwear collections together with Swimsuits For All and lingerie lines in cooperation with Playful Promises

Follow Gabi on Instagram here.

Fashion is merely one method of authentic expression! If you’re on a journey to live your most liberated and fulfilled life and would like support, connect with me over at Liberated Vision.

LaTasha Abraham

Liberated Vision
Mindset and Sensuality Coach

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